Missions Debriefing

Take a walk on the road to Emmaus with Jesus

We have been trained and board certified by Le Rucher Ministries in France. Le Rucher uses a five-day retreat model for debriefing.

Your debriefing experience includes our walking alongside you, giving you space to process your experience on the mission field. You will also be given the opportunity to create your own "life path", a tool to help you examine events surrounding your time with your missions organization or NGO.

What Is Missions Debriefing?

  • A post-missions place that provides a safe and honest space enabling you to process your unique experience.
  • A place to share your story with all the highs and lows.
  • A companion to guide you toward health, wholeness, and a resilience releasing you into the next season of your life.

Areas of Debriefing

Our Ministries