A time to come away

We offer one day retreats, weekend retreats and days of reflection. These events are tailored to meet your group's specific requirement.

Themed retreats that celebrate special times in the liturgical calendar year (such as Lent or Advent)
are also offered.

What are retreats?

  • Author and spiritual writer, Ruth Haley Barton, says that "retreat in the context of the spiritual life is an extended time apart for the purpose of being with God and giving God our full and undivided attention; it is, as Emilie Griffin puts it, 'a generous commitment to our friendship with God.'" (Invitation to Retreat: The Gift and Necessity of Time Away with God)
  • An early church father once described a time of retreat as "wasting time with God." Truth be told, a time away on retreat is not a waste at all. In fact, we all need the opportunity to be alone or, if with others, be given space for silence. All of this is so that we might reflect upon and listen to the voice of God that seeks to be heard deep with each one of us.
  • While some might argue that personal time alone on retreat is selfish, the reality is that Jesus often went away by himself to be with the Father. It is those times alone that enhanced his ministry to others and it can be the same for us.

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