Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction has its roots in early Christianity.

The gospels describe Jesus serving as a mentor to his disciples. Additionally, Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 9 describes Ananias helping Paul of Tarsus to grow in his newfound experience of Christ. Likewise, several of the Pauline epistles describe Paul mentoring both Timothy and Titus among others. Tradition tells us that John the Evangelist tutored Polycarp, the 2nd-century bishop of Smyrna.

In my role as a spiritual director, I come alongside those, like the two disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35) who obviously needed a change in perspective as a result of their world having been turned upside down. Whether you're living in a world that is right-side-up or upside down, I serve to help facilitate your awakening and growing awareness of a lived experience of the God who is present in your everyday life.

What is Spiritual Direction?

  • Being with a person as he or she seeks to deepen the experience of a relationship with God.
  • Helping to facilitate learning and growing in one's personal spirituality
  • Mentoring or coaching for developing the inner life.
  • An inner process of unfolding experience and awareness of the Presence of God
  • Contemplative conversation for helping a person clarify his or her journey
  • Soul friendship/companionship through joys and challenges on the spiritual journey

Primary Form of Spiritual Direction

Regular Direction is usually for one to two hour sessions. These sessions may be scheduled monthly or bi-monthly. At times the Spiritual Director may suggest spiritual exercises or spiritual disciplines that the directee may practice in between meetings. Spiritual direction may also be facilitated through the means of a Skype or FaceTime appointment.

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